Frequently Asked Questions

How do I charge my Apple Watch with the Sumato WatchBox?

  1. Place the Apple Watch into the Sumato WatchBox. The Apple Watch will connect to the Magnetic Charging Module.
  2. Press and hold the Power Button for 2 seconds to power on the Sumato WatchBox.
  3. Your watch will begin to charge.



How do I charge my Apple Watch with the pocket charger?

  1. Take the pocket charger out of WatchBox
  2. Place the Apple Watch onto the pocket charger
  3. Press the power button on pocket.
  4. Your Apple Watch will begin to charge



Battery powered wireless Apple Watch charger 

How can I check the battery level of the Sumato Watchbox?

To check how much juice your Sumato WatchBox has remaining, press the Power Button for 1 second.

4 lights = 76%-100%
3 lights = 51%-75%
2 lights = 26%-50%
1 light = 1%-25%



Why wont my watch charge, even though the Sumato Watchbox is fully charged?

This is usually because the pocket charger has 0% battery remaining. You need to first place the pocket charger inside the Sumato Watchbox, and hold the main power button for 2 seconds. This will begin to charge the pocket charger, and you will be able to charge your Apple Watch.



Do I need to use a watch cable?

No, you don't. The WatchBox comes with a built in MFI certified Apple Watch magnetic charging dock.



Can I charge the Watch and the WatchBox at the same time?

Yes. You can charge the Watch even when the WatchBox is charging from a power source.



Can I charge my iPhone and Watch at the same time?

Yes. You can simultaneously charge Apple Watch and iPhone (or any other mobile phone).



If left plugged into the wall 90% of the time, will that affect the life of the battery?

No. Leaving the WatchBox charging will not affect the battery.



How many times can Sumato WatchBox charge my Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch has a 300 mAh battery. The Sumato WatchBox 5000 mAh built-in power bank can recharge your iWatch up to 10 times.



How many times can Sumato WatchBox charge my iPhone?

See detailed breakdown below:

Device mAh Charges
iPhone XS Max 3,174 10.5x
iPhone XR 2,942 1.1x
iPhone XS 2,658 1.2x
iPhone X 2,716 1.2x
iPhone 8 Plus 2,691 1.2x
iPhone 8 1,821 1.7x
iPhone 7 Plus 2,900 1.1x
iPhone 7  1,960 1.6x
iPhone 6S Plus 2,750 1.1x
iPhone 6S 1,715 1.8x
Samsung S9/S8 Plus 3,500 0.9x
Samsung S9/S8 3,000 1x
iPad 8,600 0.4x


It is hard to close the lid with the Apple Watch inside.

As this is a well compacted WatchBox, please ensure that all the parts including the puck is in place before placing in your watch and closing the crown.



My user manual is missing. Where can I download it?

You can download the Sumato WatchBox manual here.

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