About Us

We’re smart and stylish - just like the Sumato Watchbox we have created.

Style and brains never go out of style. That’s the very spirit of our Sumato Apple Watch case charger.

Fun fact: “Sumato” means smart in Japanese.


Which is why we made the Sumato Watchbox the way we (and you) like it.

Simple and light: the Sumato WatchBox is more than just a quick and easy way to charge your Apple watch. The lightweight, scratch-proof aluminum case is an elegant way to store, carry and protect your Apple watch. It’s a handsome, logo-free presentation box too!

5-in-1 Set: the Sumato watchbox for Apple watch is multi-talented – it’s a built-in stand, charging dock, 5000mAh power bank, keychain travel charger and has a magnetic charging cable all rolled into one. Can it get any better than this?

No more cable clutter: that dreaded cable clutter is gone when everything you need is contained within one compact body of the Sumato Apple watch portable charger case. Best thing is, it charges wirelessly. This means you can put your Apple watch into the Apple watch travel charger case, close its lid and put it into your pocket or bag and let it charge your watch while you’re on the go. No wires involved. And no more having to stick around and wait for it to charge up.

Free to Move: the 5000mAh power bank of the Sumato Apple watch travel charger case lets you charge 10 times with just one charge, freeing you of the hassle of having to charge it frequently. Plus, its nifty keychain size lets you conveniently bring it anywhere while charging it. There’s an external USB that lets you charge up your iPhone too!

MFI Apple certified: the Sumato watchbox isn’t just any watch charger case. It’s been Apple certified, so rest assured that it will be totally compatible with your Apple watch and iPhones.

Gorgeous colors: if you were to put the Sumato Apple watch charger case in a beauty pageant, it would win hands down. Sporting beautiful dark gray, silver, gold, and rose gold (our most popular color by far), there will be a color that matches your Apple watch and iPhone.


We’re a regular bunch of business developers, product engineers, and marketers actually, but with an insatiable need to push frontiers. Pavel Smirnov, the co-founder of the company was bored with doing online marketing and decided to seek out new business ventures with his good friend, Sagi. They discovered that there’s really a need for an all-in-one watch box for Apple watches that goes beyond just being well…a watch box. They decided to take things to the next level. And the Sumato Apple watch charger case was born.

Sumato Watchbox Team


Better products: no flimsy knock-offs. Which is why our Sumato watchbox is an original product and there’s nothing quite like it. And it’s Apple certified. Enough said.

Better service: though being an online company, our customer service is far from being virtually non-existent. We put in 110% of our effort to make sure that all your returns are prompt and hassle-free.

Better prices: who doesn’t like a good bargain? The Sumato Watchbox Apple watch charger case is smart, stylish, multi-functional and affordable too. In fact, it’s more affordable than what you would pay if you were to buy a watch charger, iPhone charger and wires separately.