The Apple Watch 5 Release: What to Expect

The Apple Watch 5 Release: What to Expect

July 08, 2019 0 Comments

Apple is one of the top brands in the world when it comes to mobile technology and coveted gadgetry. As such, the release of a new or upgraded Apple product garners a lot of attention.

As it gets closer and closer to September, anticipation is growing for the new Apple Watch. The previous two releases also occurred in that month and fans are eagerly waiting.

With only a few months to go to the Apple Watch Series 5 Release, let’s review what makes this product one of the most highly anticipated items.

Apple Watch Series 5 Release Features and Wish List

With every release comes new system features or design changes. Over the years, Apple products have gotten slimmer, faster and more powerful.

Many Apple aficionados are anticipating a possible glucose sensor, sleep tracker, upgraded S5 processor chip, and preinstalled watchOS 6. They naturally expect a return of their favorite apps as well.

Apple Watch Design

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish whether there are design changes in the next generation of a product. However, with the Apple Watch Series 4, buyers were able to notice design changes readily.

The device had a larger screen, flatter surface, and a lighter feel.

The square shape might not necessarily be as ergonomic as round-faced watches, but it’s Apple! You won’t hear any complaints about that microscopic difference.

Fans of the Apple watch do not expect this feature to change.

However, it would be interesting if they managed to incorporate sensors into the armbands. Their published patents have indicated that this could be a possibility in the newer version of the Apple Watch.

More Apps Please

There are never enough apps. Mobile technology has grown leaps and bounds over the last decade. As such, mobile users have come to expect the ability to perform a myriad of tasks, using just one device.

The new Apple Watch is no exception.

apple watch 5 applications

 Even though Slack and Instagram are no longer accessible on the older models, consumers are hoping that will change on the Series 5 watchOS. Plus, it would be hugely beneficial for them to also encourage and the development of newer applications.

In addition, users are expecting an improvement to the limited capabilities now available on the Spotify app. Only being able to control other players is unsatisfactory.

Currently, Apple Music permits downloads. Therefore, the same capabilities should be possible for the Spotify app as well.

Upgraded Battery Capacity

Traditionally, Apple watches did not perform well in this area. They are not the worst, nor are they the best performers. However, the Apple Watch Series 4 was a step up from Series 1, 2 and 3.

apple watch 5 battery

 For a top performing tech company, we expect Apple to continue to improve in this capacity. Extended battery life is typically a coveted feature for consumers. However, they do offer multiple ways to charge their mobile devices.

Plus the Sumato Watchbox allows you to charge anytime, anywhere while protecting your iWatch.

Health and Fitness Support

Apple is big on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They support many apps that track diet and exercise. Some of which includes the Emergency SOS, fall detection, and ECG like capabilities.

These are highly beneficial for people who need to track irregular rhythm or high and low heart rate.

Even the sleep tracking capabilities, which are expected for the New Apple Watch, is also keeping that mandate. However, even this feature could use an update. Improvements are needed to make sleep time more precise.

Get Your Sumato Watchbox for Your Apple Watch

The Sumato Watchbox charger is a great accessory to compliment your new Apple watch purchase.

The elegant, scratch proof Apple Watch carrying case is made from aluminum. As a charging dock & stand, it provides durability, convenience, and style.

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